Yamaha rx-v673 functionality and interface-ip. Noob

I just purchased the Roomie basic version to be able to mess around with it a little bit before fully committing and changing from my current system (sq remote). The Roomie interface is head and shoulders above anything else I’ve seen, especially with the detaled menus and live feedback features.

Roomie found and controls my Yamaha rx-v673 without issue. I have both zones set up with the receiver. It looks like roomie sees each zone as a device, which makes sense based on the functionality of the receiver.

I’ve also downloaded the Yamaha av controller app. The app is pretty good, has live feedback and a decent interface that fairly intuitive with access to iPod menus, album art, netradio station graphics, etc.

The ideal target is full system control via roomie. My question is how close can I get feature and interface-wise to the Yamaha av app with Roomie? Does anyone have any examples beyond the basis duplication of the handheld remote?