Yamaha YSP - IP Control

Been looking on the net for information on this, and can’t determine if YSPs supports IP control. If so, does Roomie plan on adding YSP soundbars to their IP control library? I’m currently using IR, but it’d be nice to have 2-way feedback.

If they do, we’re not aware of it. If you find a link to it, we’ll take a look to see if one of the existing Yamaha sets can be used since we already support two major protocols there it’s unlikely they’d have a different one if they have any IP control on those models.

Thank you.

If you are using IR for your YSP, what command set are you using? Is it the same as the YAS command set listed in the compatibility chart? Or, did you manually program it? Thanks!

I’m use the “YSP All Models” command set that’s listed in the compatibility list.


There appears to be a yamaha ysp app to control the Yamaha soundbars, or the YSP-1400 at least. If there is an app, does that mean that Roomie can control it?