1.6 iTunes music

I have the hd pack but still with 1.6 version I can’t choose my itunes’ music from the list. The movies are working fine.

Note that selecting specific songs is provided only via the new Music Guide (as shown in screenshots). The old popover from 1.5 that did not select songs is still present, but it offers no new functionality. All of the iTunes browsing functionality is now in the Music Guide especially the new features.

I am sorry but how do I get to the music guide?

Assuming you have the HD Guide Pack as all of this is part of that, on an iPad, the Guide button in the upper right will open that. On the iPhone, the Guide button is in the tab bar.

I can’t get the music guide to pop up. All I can get is the channel guide. I have all the required packs and plug ins. Please help. Thank you.

I’m also having problems with the HD Guide. (and the sonos grouping) I don’t see these features even after purchasing the HD guide add in. How do you access them? (on the top right when I press the guide gear icon I just get the Tv items) I have quite and re-installed the apps to no effect. Any help or clarifications are appreciated.

First, the Grouping feature is not part of the HD Guide Pack. That is available to all users. The “Group” button appears at the top of the screen in the Navigation Bar of a Sonos Activity.

The Music Guide automatically appears whenever you open an Activity with a Sonos device set as “Opens Remote”. If you for instance use “Test Remote”, you will not see the Music Guide. It must be opened as part of an Activity.

Does the same hold true for iTunes via Apple TV?

For iTunes the Music Guide similarly appears whenever your iTunes device is set as Opens Remote.

Ok, I understand now. This itunes inegration is via your Mac, not Apple TV. I was trying to get the Music Guide to show in the Apple TV activity, so I would not have to toggle between the Apple Remote and Roomie. Is that possible?

Yes, it is a good idea to allow the iTunes Guide when using Apple TV as the remote and we’ll be enabling that in the future.

Thanks for the clarification. I must have spaced out and did not use the activities. I see the new Sonos guide there now. (It works great by the way)

Thanks for this and for creating roomie in the first place.