10/27 Library Update Changes

Here are the primary changes in the library from the 10/27 update that just went live.

IP Highlights
Boxee Box by D-Link: Added many new commands including play position status and set (not all new functionality will work before Roomie 1.7.)
Denon Receivers: Added Aux 2 input for 2012 receivers. Added HDMI OUTPUT AUTO command.
Dreambox: Added several new commands.
Marantz Receivers: Synchronized with latest Denon changes.
Sony VPL-VW1000ES Projector: Added basic commands.

Infrared Highlights
Apple TV: Replaced existing command set with improved set that matches the original remote more closely.
Arris Moxi Series: Replaced existing command set with improved set.
DarbeeVision Darblet Video Processor: Added.
Philips DCR8111/06 (UPC-Cablecom): Added.

Serial Highlights
Atlona AT-PRO2HD88M HDMI Matrix: Added.
Niles ZR Series Multizone System: Added.
Sony VPL-VW1000ES Projector: Added basic commands.

To force your copy of Roomie to update right away, force quit Roomie by tapping the Home button, then double-tap Home to bring up the application bar, tap and hold the Roomie icon until a red minus sign appears, and then tap that sign. The next time you run Roomie, the library will automatically update.

After this update, the “Main Menu” command no longer works for my AppleTV 2. It works when I test the remote commands, but no longer works in my configuration. I’ve tried deleting my virtual remote and rebuilding it, but that hasn’t helped. Please help.

It sounds like you have a Remote Design associated with the Activity that depended on one of the old commands. Either re-assign that button in the Remote Design to the command you want to send, or just delete the Remote Design and let it re-create itself as the default.

Problem solved! Thank you.