2.0: Congrats + iPad issues

Congrats on a fantastic update. So many enhancements. Thanks!

On my iPhone, everything’s great, but a little less so on my iPad.

• On the iPad, when I switch to my AppleTV activity, it doesn’t see my Yamaha RX-V573 receiver, so I can’t control the volume. (This was never an issue before 2.0.) For good measure, I forced a dropbox backup from the iPhone, then restored that to the iPad, but no change. The iPad just doesn’t see the receiver. (See screenshot – upper image.)

• I like the way we can swipe the two rows of activities to the left, which makes more room for the remotes. However, in that configuration:

(a) When viewing the AppleTV remote, which has few buttons, a lot of space is taken up, to the right, by a large, gray rectangle, which looks out of place – as if a guide would reside there. But there is no guide in this case. So it looks odd. And…

(b) When viewing the DirecTV remote, which has far more buttons, the display is asymmetrical.

(See screenshot – upper and lower.)

A comedy of errors. 3rd try…

I’m also seeing this as an issue. Roomie 2.0 and yamaha v573.


great update though.

For the Apple TV activity, check the Volume Control setting to make sure it is set to your receiver. Also, that looks like an old Remote Design without the latest buttons. You may want to either hit Reset Design on that or set the Remote Design to None. Either will update the Virtual Remote to the current version.

The empty guide area for an Apple TV activity is typically filled with an associated iTunes Media Guide. If no iTunes is associated with the Activity as set in the ‘iTunes Device’ of the Activity, it will be blank. We could certainly remove it in that scenario.

The centering of the DirecTV does look off in that screenshot. It might correct itself if you rotate to Portrait and back. Either way, we’d suggest updating the Remote Design for that one as well. You can always access Gestures by pinching, but the buttons and naming are also from 1.X.

Thank you.