2 pioneer SC-* on same network - router problems?

Hi All - I had a thread started about this subject a few weeks ago. It is closed now because I thought I had the issue fixed. I have two Pioneer Elite Receivers, an SC-68 and an SC-63 on the same network. They are hardwired to the network and I have tried reserved DHCP and static IP addresses. When both are plugged into the network I can see and use them with Roomie and with AVControl2012 for a little while. After about an hour both will become unresponsive. I cannot even ping them. I can unplug one receiver and the other will start responding to IP commands within a few minutes. I can get either one working by unplugging the other.

I have read a ton of discussion about problems people have had with various Pioneer receivers but none concerning multiple receivers on the same network.

Last night I tried changing the network port that according to Pioneer they receive commands on. Each receiver had a different port it was using. The same loss happened after about 50 minutes. I am intending to install Wireshark on the network and do some kind of packet analysis to see if I can figure out what is going on. Haven’t had a chance to get it setup yet.

Aside from that I am beginning to think that the current cable modem/router is the culprit. Pioneer Technical Support assures me (for what that is worth) there is no reason I cannot have two of there receivers on one network. I am currently using a Comcast leased SMC Networks SMC8014WG. As well as I can tell it is not a currently manufactured model.

After the long intro, my question. What cable modem/routers are Roomie users successfully using with multiple home theaters on the same network? I have multiple Panasonic Blu-ray players and multiple iTunes/AppleTVs on the network, along with Insteon Lighting control and a Dune HD. All these components were easily configured and remain working in their respective rooms. I have been looking at replacing the leased router with a Motorola SP6141 as I do not need the extra ethernet ports provided by the SMC. Before I go to the expense and hassle of changing over the modem I thought I would ask the Roomie community if they had any insight. At this point I sure could use some recommendations.