2012 Panasonic GT 50 Power On

I’ve been researching the Panasonic TVs for possibly buying the VT50 in the near future. As far as I can tell the US models have a Wake on Lan feature that you have to enable in the settings menu. For other markets (such as the UK where I am) Panasonic have for some reason not provided this setting in their firmware.

Thanks, I have the wake on lan settings correct but the TV will still not respond

Did you insert the +WAKE ON LAN command from Roomie? This FAQ reviews that topic:


Thank you.

I did, still does not work. Not sure of the issue

We just noticed the words “powerline adapter” in your original post. That seems almost certain to fail. Wake on LAN is below the layer of a powerline adapter.

Thank you.

After playing around with it I got it to work. It now turns ovi with it connected to the powerline.