2021 Best IP control TVs

Curious as to which TVs have best/most consistent IP control (especially on/off) currently? Specifically comparing Sony OLEDs to LG OLEDs. I currently have an LG OLED and the on/off IP control is okay but not rock solid. Searched the archives but couldn’t find anything relatively recent. Thanks for any opinions/experience!

I just don’t think people think this way anymore. That’s how I looked at things in 2015. Today, there really aren’t TVs without great IP control in the big leagues. Sure, if you get a TCL or other low-end TV, mileage may vary. Similarly, buying any TV from CostCo or similar outlets will sometimes end up with features stripped out including Wake on LAN in some cases.

But these issues are very rare. Stick to majors like Sony, LG, Samsung, and don’t buy special low-cost models and you’re fine these days. Picture quality is once again the leading driver of why to buy a TV.

(The opposite is true of Blu-ray players. Avoid anything other than Sony X700/X1100, and most especially do not buy Panasonic.)

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Good to know. I also have been researching this topic as well because I would like to get away from IR blasters all together. I have been looking at Samsung, LG, and Sony as well, but it isn’t specifically listed in most of the spec sheets.

I have an LG Oled and that works fine. Had no problems at all controlling it over ip.