2022 JVC Projectors - RS3100

Over the years I have had a number of JVC Projectors and I haven’t had any issues controlling them with roomieremote. Today I got the new JVC RS3100 and I have not had any luck using IP control. IP is set, device responds via ping, but I can not control it via roomieremote. Doing some digging in the JVC menu there is now a network password and from my research so far it seems like it requires a password to communicate. I can set the password in the JVC menu but I don’t think there is a way to set a password in the remote software. I would love to assist where I can to see if my assumption is correct that now JVC is wanting some sort of password for network control.

I have a 4100 being delivered this week. I’m hoping someone has a fix for these projectors that’ll allow them to work with Roomie.

Try Force Code Set Update. Wait for everything to update (30 seconds or so until the codesets numbers are equal on the right column.) Set the password on your JVC to “PASSWORD10”. Add the JVC as a device with the new category “D-ILA IP Auth”. Post whether it works. Or, if it doesn’t then contact support because all of the steps before and after this (including this thread) can only be handled properly in support with diagnostics and actual configs.

Working great after the codeset update. Thank you Will!

I got this to work by using Port Manual IP Port 20554

By the way–the Roomie Remote codes support Lens Memory 1-3, but the JVC has 10. How can we expand the available slots?

@Will_Price thanks for this. Your tip was the only way I got my RS1100 to work.

Many new codes have been deployed in this codeset. Force Code Set Update to see the changes.