25% Blaster Blowout Sale Begins Today

Starting in September, we will no longer sell customized Global Caché infrared, serial, and relay adapter products. The software remains fully compatible with Global Caché, Roomie Blaster (2013), and Simple Blaster (2015) products. In 2011, it was absolutely critical that we seed the market with infrared adapters on which we have never made any profit. We provided that service simply to help get them out there.

After many years as a leader in IP control and almost all AV products now featuring IP control as standard, infrared has long since been toppled as the primary control mechanism for AV. The Global Caché products are available worldwide from many resellers including Amazon, and we certainly still recommend them. Only our online store is ending. Just as we don’t sell great IP control devices like Sony UHD BD Players, we also will not directly sell infrared adapters anymore, but our recommendation of Global Caché remains and they have been an excellent partner these many years.

As inventory is already at low levels, the final units in inventory will be available at 25% off while supplies last, discount applied automatically at checkout across the entire order (including any cables). This opportunity may not last long! In particular, Ethernet models are very low quantity. PoE models are already sold out.