3.0 Upgrade Pricing Preview

Roomie Remote 3.0 will be released sometime in the next month or so on the App Store. This note previews some of the packaging and pricing improvements we’re making this year.

The core app maximum device count has increased from 2 to 3. The room limit has been removed. This upgrade is retroactive to current purchases.

All TV and Media Guides for all countries and products are now part of the Roomie Service. New purchases no longer include guides. Purchases of Roomie prior to the release of 3.0 without the Roomie Service do retain the current 4 hour guide support in 3.0 so no change if you have already purchased Roomie.

One new pack is added:

  • 10 Device Pack - $19.99 US: Adds an additional 10 Devices. The first purchase of a 10 Device Pack provides a free month of the Roomie Service with any new subscription to the 6 month plan.

Two packs are retired, but unchanged for all existing purchases:

  • Home Theater Pack: The functionality provided by this pack is now provided by the 10 Device Pack that can be purchased up to 4 times after which the device limit is disabled. The room limit has been removed from the base app.
  • Agent Management Pack: The functionality provided by this pack is now included in the Roomie Service. Roomie Agent increases from $19.99 to $29.99 on release of Roomie 3.0.

Upgrade FAQ

Does this mean if I purchase the Home Theater Pack today before 3.0, I will not need to purchase a 10 Device Pack later?

Yes, though you also wont get the a free month of the Roomie Service in that scenario. Whether one is more valuable to you probably depends on whether you plan to use more than 13 devices.

I just bought the Agent Management Pack and Roomie Service, what does this mean for me?

Today, the Agent Management Pack is $9.99 and Roomie Agent is $19.99. After release of Roomie 3.0, Roomie Agent is $29.99 and Agent Management Pack is included with the Roomie Service. Assuming one has the Roomie Service, the price going forward is effectively the same, we’re making it simpler by reducing the number of items that need to be purchased. The Roomie Service is not required for Agent Management if you currently have the Agent Management Pack.

If I buy Roomie Agent today, is there an upgrade fee associated with a new version when 3.0 is released?

The upcoming upgrade to Roomie Agent associated with the release of Roomie 3.0 is a free upgrade. The price is only changing for new purchases to simplify the number of items that need to be purchased.

How are devices counted by the 10 Device Pack?

When you add devices to Roomie, each line in the device list is one device. Receivers are always added per zone. If you control 2 separate zones of a single physical receiver, that is 2 devices. Each device controlled by an infrared adapter is a device.

Many cases exist where devices are consolidated into one device in Roomie, these are usually hubs or controllers for other sets of devices. Lighting systems such as Hue, Lutron, Insteon, and others are all considered one device no matter how many lights are controlled. Roomie 3.0 also introduces support for Nest thermostats. In that scenario, all thermostats are considered one device per Nest account. If you have 5 thermostats on one Nest account, that’s still just 1 device in Roomie. Again, if you look at your device list in Roomie today, that is exactly how it is counted.

Note that the same device added multiple times in different rooms counts as a separate device. We recommend referencing the same device one time in your configuration. Roomie can easily reference devices between rooms so there is no reason to have the same device listed in multiple rooms.