3.5 MM splitter?

I am currently using all three existing ports on my iTach WiFi to IR Controller. Due to my system layout, I now find that I need one additional IR emitter. (i.e., the IR blaseter is already being used where a new device cannot see it.) Using a 3.5mm male/female/female splitter, is it possible to run two IR emitters from one port on the iTach WiFi to IR Controller? I’m going to try it when I get home, but was wondering if anyone knew it would work - or if someone had tried it.

IR emitters are a very analog technology. Basically, that means things “generally” work even if you do things like that. But there is a downside. The power output will be cut in half. Since emitters are usually right next to the IR receiver, this usually does not cause a problem, but sometimes it will.

Another option is to look at multi-head emitters such as these:

astore.amazon.com/cyphersoft-20? … TF8&node=9

Just be aware that the output power level is reduced each time you do that making it that much less likely to work well with some devices.

A way around that whole issue is to use an IR distribution block like that listed on the page above. That’s basically a powered repeater so that there is no signal strength reduction. You will also need a GC-CGX cable from the Roomie Store for that.

Thank you for the information. I’ll keep it in mind.

I can confirm – at least in this particular case, that the splitter cable works fine and I am now using two IR emitters via one WF2IR port. YMMV.


If, in the future, I need additional emitters, I’ll look at the suggested solutions.