4 IR Ports with iTachFlexWiFi


I have a problem that I can’t seem to get around. Due to the placement of my equipment in enclosed cabinets, I need 4 separate IR runs to get everything to work. An IR blaster won’t work due to my equipment configuration.

Can I split one of the 3 IR female leads from the iTach into 2? If so, does it have to be a mono-to-mono splitter?

Thanks for your ideas.


We recommend no more than 2 emitters per output. If you do switch to dual head emitters, there are some nice ones linked on this page that we have tested successfully:

astore.amazon.com/cyphersoft-20? … TF8&node=9

Thank you.

I don’t have my itach yet, but I noticed in one of your videos when you add it as a device you need to specify which piece of equipment is going to what port on the itach.

If you have a dual head emitter, how does that work? Can you specify, say port 1, twice for 2 different devices?

One IR port can have as many devices as you would like attached to it modulo that you would not want them to conflict of course so you’d want to avoid two of the same device on one port.

Thank you.

Thank you all for replying. Since I’m trying to keep my old emitters where they are (run thru the walls and cabinet), I’d rather work the splitting at the iTach. I can tell you this - a stereo splitter does not work :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, mono splitters are hard to find (at least for me). Maybe if I say “IR splitter” in the search engine I’ll get more hits.

Thanks again everyone!

P.s. the reason why I said stereo splitters don’t work is that it seems to be the only explanation why I can’t get my Oppo BDP-83 to work. I’ve tried everything, so now I’m blaming the stereo splitter.

If I’m wrong, please tell me; I’m about to order one of those mono splitter plugs for $5 plus shipping at Amazon.


Just wondering, can you feed the iTach emitter into a Xantach block (or equivalent) to amplify and drive additional emitters?

I guess depending upon cost, it might end up being cheaper just to add a second iTach.

Yes. That’s what this cable enables:

roomieremote.com/store/itach … cable.html

The iTach outputs can then be hooked directly to a Xantech distribution block to distribute the signals to as many emitters as you need.

Thank you.