5/18 Library Update Changes

Here are the primary changes in the library from the 5/18 update that just went live.

This week is a much larger than usual update as we roll out a large number of infrared additions as well as various updates to IP control and some preparatory changes for the 1.5 release.

IP Highlights
Denon/Marantz Receivers: Zone 2/3 cursor commands fixed.
Onkyo/Integra Receivers: Updated for 2012 models.
Samsung TVs: Several commands added.

Denon, Marantz, Yamaha, Onkyo, Integra, and Pioneer receivers have all had improvements to their network, iPod, and radio control codes, some of which will not be apparent until Roomie 1.5.

Serial Highlights
All receiver changes above also apply to serial control.

IR Highlights
Denon/Marantz Receivers: Updated for latest models.
Onkyo/Integra Receivers: Updated for 2012 models.
Yamaha Receivers: Updated for 2012 models.
Samsung TVs: Added a special command set for older Samsung HLS models.
Sharp TVs: Fixed incorrect CURSOR DOWN.
Sky Satellite: Updated codes from manufacturer.

Hundreds of additional IR codes added. See the IR compatibility page for a full manifest of changed command sets:

To force your copy of Roomie to update right away, force quit Roomie by tapping the Home button, then double-tap Home to bring up the application bar, tap and hold the Roomie icon until a red minus sign appears, and then tap that sign. The next time you run Roomie, the library will automatically update.