5.5 Action Panel Copy, Default, and Edit All Panels

I was pretty excited to see 5.5 show up, it sounded like it was farther off so it was a pleasant surprise!

For existing setups it would be helpful if you could edit the action panel for a device in one activity and copy it to other activities. A good example is a receiver, there are a number of buttons to address and then once they are tweaked to your liking it would be great to be able to copy that to other activities.

Along with that it would be good to be able to go to devices and change the layout there globally, which would then carry over to any new activities automatically. It would also make sense to prompt the user after making changes at the device level to prompt whether to replace existing action panels in existing activities with the new layout. In essence, allowing a change to be made globally and offer to copy that to all existing instances of the device.

The editing of the default config under devices would probably need to include a global reset to default config to be complete.

Allow editing of the panels that are not editable currently. For example on the receiver volume panel allow editing to include the surround mode etc. I think this has been asked elsewhere and I’ll try to find it and bump that topic so people can chime in.


+1 on this. I would also like to be able to edit the receiver volume panel in order to include the receiver’s input and mode display there for easier reference.

+1 on copying/pasting action panel edits to multiple activities or global device action panel edits. Example - I have Sonos activities in multiple rooms. I have created action planned buttons for various playlists and streams. I would like to copy/paste the Sonos action panel design or custom module for other actives.

Just experimenting with customizing action panels for the first time today. Would love to see ability to copy (or set globally) from one activity to another. I have the same receiver use case described in this thread.