7/23 Library Update Changes

Here are the primary changes in the library from the 7/23 update that just went live.

IP Highlights
Denon/Marantz Receivers: Added DAB input for European models, added old-style TUNER commands for 4306 era models, added AUX2 and USB inputs for new 2012 models.
Dreambox Satellite: Added CHANNEL UP/DOWN commands and enabled Roomie Guide usage.
Pioneer Receivers: Added Zone 4 for high end 2012 models.

Serial Highlights
BenQ Projectors: Added new command set for W7000 projectors.

Microsoft Windows Media Center: Added discrete POWER ON/OFF and SUSPEND commands.
Velodyne DD Series Subwoofers: Added new command set matching DD series subwoofers.

To force your copy of Roomie to update right away, force quit Roomie by tapping the Home button, then double-tap Home to bring up the application bar, tap and hold the Roomie icon until a red minus sign appears, and then tap that sign. The next time you run Roomie, the library will automatically update.