A few configuration questions

I have been using Roomie for a few months and I would like to make some adjustments. My setup:


Room 1:

Yamaha HTR-8063 (Zone 1)
Scientific Atlanta PVR 8300 (HD)
Apple TV 2nd Gen used as an airplay device from iTunes
Sony TV

Room 2:

Zone 2 of Room 1 Yamaha
Scientific Atlanta (SD)
old sony CRT TV
itach IP2IR


Is it possible to have diffeent guides for different Scientific Atlanda devices? The channels for SD and HD are different and I currently have all channels on both devices;
Is it possible to remove the genius and mix playlist from the "iTunes guide"? They do not appear on my iTunes playlist and they clutter my roomie guide;
Roomie accesses my Yamaha from IP. I am considering buying a iTachIP2Serial device. What would be the advantages other than having my 2 iphones and 2 ipads access it? Will it work on my HTR-8063? This model is not listed on the serial compatibility list (it is serial enabled)


The selected channels for a given provider will be the same across devices. Genius will always be listed as an item. Apparently that receiver model is a Canadian RXA-1000 so that should work fine via serial.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Will I gain somethig by going serial instead of IP?

Multiple connection support is the primary benefit of going serial over IP with that model.