A few questions, so far I'm very impressed

Got my system up and running yesterday with an iTach IR unit. I’m a long time Philips Pronto user (15 years or so). Very impressed with how quickly I was able to dial in a base setup. Have a few questions (possibly feature requests, as these features may not be available?).

  1. Squeezebox support, I use Squeezepad on my iPad to control my Squeezeserver, would be awesome to have some kind of built-in support. For now, I was able to use the URL redirect on start to load the Squeezepad iPad app using Squeezepad://

Other options would include using the Squeezeserver web interface, on port 9000, but this just isn’t nearly as functional as Squeezepad

  1. The ability to launch an App directly (much like the URL function) would be nice.

  2. The ability to be able to save multiple configurations to dropbox, possibly some kind of naming convention, as I may want a different setup on my iPad than my daughter / wifes iPhone etc. Maybe the ability to name your backups.

  3. When doing a backup, it would be nice for it to prompt you to disabling editing, this would save a step before backup, as I use backup primarily to restore the configuratoin on my wifes / daughters iPhone and I don’t want them editing on accident.

  4. The ability for Roomie to poll dropbox when started to see if there is a newer backup, then prompt to restore the new setup. If I’m making changes from time to time, this would make sure my familys devices are updated as they are not savy or are too lazy to restore.

  5. Is it possible to rename a device to provide better clarification ? I have many of the same devices, and think this could make it more clear.

Again very impressed, I suppose you have to be careful what features you add as you don’t want to make Roomie too complicated.

I apologize in a advance if these questions have been asked already :slight_smile:

  1. We are considering direct Squeezebox support after we refine iTunes and Sonos a bit more.

  2. To use a different configuration on another device, one would simply link to a different Dropbox account.

  3. We have a solution for this issue coming that should be even better.

  4. We do plan to provide a solution to that.

Thank you.

Renaming devices would be very beneficial. I install a lot of multiple satellite receivers.