Ability to change name of input (Onkyo TX-NR709 & Xantech MR

I have several Onkyo TX-NR709 Amps with lots of equipment connected to each. Needless to say, the port labled ‘Game’ on the amp does not have a console connected to it. Within the Onkyo settings I have the abilty to rename the port to say whatever I want (in this case SKY+ HD2, I have multiple Sky boxes), so when an input is changed the OSD and the front of the amp (on it’s screen) display what is actually connected. Because this amp is controllable via IP and supports feedback roomie can display what input port is currently being displayed on the the screen, however it will only display the physical name of the port (the manufacurers set name) and not my custom names. If I had the abily to change/alter/give an alias to a name/input that would be great. At the moment is causes a bit of confusion for some of the people that use the system as it looks like they are not on the input that they should be on.

I will soon have a similar situation on my Xantech multiroom system that I am currently writing the serial codes for. This also supports feedback and queries so all I will get back will be input 1, input 2 etc etc and not what is actually connected (sky, dvd, music server etc). would just make things a little more user friendly for those not ‘in the know’.

I too would love this feature

this could be done one or both of two ways, import the custom input name data from the Onkyo receiver and/or an in-app custom label function.

+1 on this feature.


Pioneer VSX-1122K


+2 on this feature.

Pioneer SC-25


Yes please this would be such a basic but well needed feature!

+1 for denon avr

  • another for Onkyo pr-sc886

I need to request this feature as well. It is something which can be done. Pioneer’s icontrolAV5 app is doing it already. Please consider this since it is very useful and it even looks more professional on Roomie’s interface.

+1 for Pioneer

+1 for Onkyo support! Sucks that EISCP doesn’t expose the custom name (at least as far as I know.) Would be super awesome if Roomie just picked that up on the fly. Ah well.

+1 for Onkyo

And another for Onkyo PR-SC886