Ability to "lock" row of buttons in custom remotes

Sometimes, for symmetry, I want a row to have only 3 buttons. For example:

a BACK button • a center button • a FORWARD button

Then, I want the 4th custom button to begin on the next row. But presently there’s no way to do this in Roomie. The 4th button always “completes the row.”

It would be nice to be able to lock a group of 1, 2, or 3 buttons, as needed, forcing additional buttons to begin on the next row.


Are you talking about the top bar or the grid buttons? The top bar would typically have various panels like the Play Pad after it, so it sounds like you’re referring to the grid buttons. In that scenario you can just add a Row End to lock that row. Row Ends are added just like any other button.

Thank you.

Can you add end of row to top bar as well?

Once again, I’m customizing a remote that already has, at the top, a row of 2 buttons on either side of the volume display. So, the 3 elements are centered:

Button • DISPLAY • Button

Now, I’d like to add a new button and have it centered on a new, 2nd row. But since there’s technically still room for a 4th element on the top row, Roomie places it there — which now makes the top row asymmetrical:

Button • DISPLAY • Button • Button

I’d love a way to “lock” the top row, so Roomie knows to leave it alone and to begin placing items on a 2nd row.

Use a Row End after the 2nd button. Then when you add a new one, it will start on a new row.

Thanks! Where does one find “Row End”?

When you customize a remote, it’s there when you add/remove buttons.

I’ve customized many remotes, and I’ve never seen an item called a “Row End.” I’m looking at the Edit Design page, right now — and it’s not there.

When I tap “Add Button,” it’s not there.

When I tap “Button,” it’s not there.

When I tap “Action Type,” it’s not there.

I’m sincerely looking for it, and I do believe it exists, but saying “it’s there when you add/remove buttons” isn’t specific. :slight_smile: Would you be kind enough to give the precise location?


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