Ability to rename Homekit devices

It would be nice to have the ability to rename homekit devices in the homebar. This would be especially helpful with sensors as the name of the sensor is followed by the type of sensor in the homebar often duplicating the two.

HomeKit Accessories can be renamed. In HomeKit. That’s the name we sync. Force HomeKit Sync to pickup the latest.

The bigger issue for me is that the accessory type is listed after the device name. In my case, I’ve named the temp sensor “Temperature” and humidity sensor “Humidity” in homekit. So in the Roomie Honebar, I see “Humidity Humidity Sensor” and “Temperature Temperature Sensor”.

Your names are up to you. If you named them something better, it won’t appear redundant.

I guess it would be better to call this a feature request - that we could disable the appended device type text which follows the device name. Oddly, the motion sensor doesn’t append any text after the device name…