Activity Awareness

…for lack of a better term. Is there a way to for Roomie detect a set of criteria consistent with and activity and activate it?

Here’s the use case… We use a combination of Hard button and Roomie. The Tivo remote isn’t going away. As frequently happens, the kids will turn on the tv with the remote and maybe change an input. Rommie if opened would (at least in my config) assume the all off activity is still activated.

I’m wondering if a feature to sense an activity based on device states defined in an activity is possible? Or maybe triggers could be used to do it now?


It seems like the ‘Automations’ feature would work for this. However the list of devices you can use as triggers, according to the documents, is very specific. I’m curious if if there any reason that the automations feature couldn’t be expanded to allow an IP controlled device (like a TV) to serve as a trigger?

This would address the issue I think. For example, when someone turned the TV off with the remote, the trigger run the Room OFF activity and be in the correct state when the app opens.