Activity Dividers

I’d like the ability to add activity dividers. For instance, in my theatre room I can watch TV or watch a movie or listen to music. Each function has a number of activities associated to it. I also have other resources like launching IMDB, controlling lights, view security cameras/alarm system, etc. I’d like to be able to add a horizontal divider between the different activity groups to better organize the layout and make its use more intuitive.


I would like to see this function. Also if the activity has a title and image put them side by side like the remotes below the activities. As the buttons are so wide now might as well make use of the space


So is your idea to have “sub-activities,” for lack of a better phrase? Like you press “Watch TV”, and you’d have the activities that use the tv like Watch Live TV, Watch Netflix, Watch Plex Media Server be in that category?

I like this idea.

Yes exactly. Hoping the developers are considering it.