Activity Layout

Hi - I am struggling with some of the behavior in Simple Control. In Edit Room, I have always left Activity Layout as “Size to Fit” and have been happy with the outcome. Now with Simple Control 4.0x the activity title is gone, leaving just the icon for each activity. It can be a little confusing if you have multiple lighting commands for example with very similar icons.

The only way to get the titles back is to go to Activity Layout and change it to large icons. Unfortunately for me, Now instead of 2 neat columns or buttons I have to scroll to find all the room’s activities. It’s not a big issue but I sure liked the 2 columns of buttons better.

In the interest of getting 4.0.2 out immediately, some of the improvements to the Activity layout styles are continuing and will appear in near-term maintenance releases. The next release will resolve the text issue in smaller styles. For now changing a room to the larger layout styles or removing the image will show text. Also, simply highlighting any button in the smaller styles also shows the text.

Thank you.