Activity Rows


After upgrading to 3.0 I find the layout that I carefully customized is changed in a few key areas.

The main one is the Activities list which sits on the left hand side. I like the new rectangle buttons, however cannot get them to format in a single column. It always wants to display at least 2 columns.

Is there a way to display either a single column of the smaller squares or the rectangles?

The basic strategy is size to fit. It will try to fit as many Activities as possible onto one page so you don’t have to scroll. It will enlarge them up to a maximum, and shrink to a minimum.

Going to one column at full width is larger than the current maximum, but we changed that in 3.0.1 which looks very nice for simple rooms with just a few Activities all full width.

Thank you.

Could we have the option of single or double columns, regardless of the number of activities?

I agree that this is a personal design preference that should be configurable.