Activity Start Commands

Would it be possible to add an option for an activity so you when run it prompts you to ask you if you want to run the start commands? The prompting could be optional of course.

Often I want to run an event to switch to a custom remote design but without running the start commands. I dont want to have to have 2 separate activities for everything with one doing the command and another not. Unless there is another way of doing this?

The general goal is to make sure that Activities can be opened multiple times in succession without issues. There are rare cases where that isn’t possible, but certainly it is the design goal. Is there a reason the Activity in question can’t be re-opened?

If the activity contains power toggle then this creates a problem if the device is already on since the device will thn be turned off.

Right, so you could either separate that device out into a System On as the general solution, or, in many cases, there is an alternate way to turn devices on depending on the device. For instance sending Play to a Panasonic Blu-ray Player is a forced power on.

I think this will do it just could end up with a few devices on when they don’t need to be. Unfortunately all my devices only have power toggle and not power on/off separation which would be the ideal solution of course. Thanks for help.