Activity Toggle Between Two States

I would like to see the ability to use one activity button to toggle between two different states. An example would be to have an activity button to pause and play movies. I currently use two activities for that purpose. My feature request is to have a “Pause Movie” button which would show a pause image. When pressed, the lights would come on, the movie would pause and the image would then switch to the second state which reads “Play Movie” and shows a play image. When that button is pressed, the lights would dim and the movie would resume. Another example would be lighting control which would function the same as a light switch from an off to on state.

Toggle Mode Activities already exist pretty much exactly as described except instead of changing the image, the change the appearance of the button.

Thank you.

I am currently using the toggle mode activity feature but I think toggling an image to reflect the current state really elevates the user experience.