Activity will not start without confirmation

I’m tryin to figure out what I am missing. I have a room (Study) with complement of devices. Media activities were automatically created. I removed the on stop commands and customized the on start commands. None of the activities will run unless I switch on the confirmation switch. That seems odd to me. Is there something I can change so that tapping the activity will start it?

There is a switch in the Activity setup for Confirm Launch. Is it switched on?

That is not my question / problem, but thank you for the response @ask4mikie .

My problem is: Some activities do not start and switch to the action panel.

(If I do enable the confirm button then it seems to work, but that should not be the behavior)

Any ideas?

Possibly your activities that don’t switch are set as Inline instead of Media? A Media activity is a normal activity, like “Watch Apple TV.” An Inline activity is something like “Control Lights.”

I found this in the manual around page 35. Just google roomie remote manual.