Adb hd pvr 5720 cdx

Canal Digital is Norway’s largest cable TV provider with a marked share of just below 50%. Their new PVR is ADB HD PVR 5720 CDX. More than 2.9 million Nordic households and activities are subscribed to one or more of their services.
I don’t get the ADB-codes shipped with the infrared control pack to work. Is this device supposet to be controlled by the ADB 5000 codes?
Is is possible to include the codes for Canal Digital’s PVR in an update, hopefully in the near future?
I am very pleased with the Roomie Remote+iTach IP2IR solution.
Best regards,
Kristen J Ruud, Norway

In theory that box should work with the ADB 5000 set, but if it’s a new model it’s always possible it uses a new set. You should certainly first walk through the IR Diagnosis FAQ:

If that does not seem to work, we would recommend learning the codes using these instructions:


I i am also a Canal Digital subscriber but from Denmark. i have just brought Roomie with all available extensions. This remote is really nice compared to some of the competition.

To my Question: i use an ADB HD 2850-ST and wonder if it is possible to control via Ip with feedback. As the tv provider provides an app to control it, I guess it is possible? Is there anything I can do to help achieve that?

many thanks