Add buttons below Original remotes?

Is it possible to add custom buttons below an OEM remote? I’d prefer not to have to switch to Roomie-style remotes for each activity – just for the sake of being able to add a couple of additional buttons (to toggle Zones A and B). Any tips on doing this would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Just for reference, we call that feature “Original Remotes”. It is not possible to customize a Original Remote image right now. That’s likely to be coming in a future release.

Regardless of when/whether that comes, our standard advice is, was, and will definitely remain using a Virtual Remote for everything. We realize some people prefer Original Remotes, and wont be removing the feature. More and more functionality in terms of feedback will of course be added to Virtual Remotes that may not be available on the Original Remote.

Understood. Thanks for the reply.

Just a friendly thought:

The term “Virtual Remote” is confusing, because all of Roomie’s remotes – even the Original ones – are virtual. :slight_smile: