Add "View Current Design" to Edit Design page

Unless I’ve overlooked something, when editing a custom remote design, the only to view the result of what we’ve added is to:

  • Save the design

  • Save the activity

  • Save the room

  • Select the activity

That’s 4 steps just to view the results of an edit. Then we have to burrow back in again (those same 4 levels) to edit further. Multiply these 8 steps by each change that we make that we want to view, and you have a vast number of taps per edit session.

A “View Current Design” button on the Edit Design page would allow us to quickly see the results of each edit without having to go through so many steps.


Yes, that used to be quite painful in 1.X of Roomie.

Fortunately, in 2.X, we added inline editing so it’s now just one tap to edit and the changes are immediately then reflect back to your design.

Just tap the design name at the top of the remote to open the editor.

Thank you.

Wow… I’m a staunch fan of clean, uncluttered design, but I’d have to say this qualifies as a “secret” feature. lol.