Adding suppor for Meridian "Laser Disc " input

Playing around I found that Meridian Audio receivers seem to be supported (at least the codes are there) via RS232. There is not an input choice on the “commands” list when editing an “Activity” , but there is on on the virtual remote. Would it be possible to get this added in the next release. The code is there, just not in the drop down menu for activity commands. There is one for “disc” but it doesn’t send the LD command.



The Meridian G68 serial command set does not contain an INPUT LD command. Perhaps you have a different model that would have such a command. If you see such a command on the Virtual Remote, you may have also added the device via infrared as well as serial? The infrared set for the broader array of Meridian receivers does contain such a command.

This commande is for the “5” sieres of Merdian AV controllers, which there are many in the field. Is there a chance of adding the “LD” command to the existing G68 code in the next release. It does not conflict with the G68 codes.

The current serial set is for the Meridian G68 specifically. If you have a different device, we do have a custom device DDK to add custom commands:

Also, if you have a command list document for your model, we’d be happy to take a look at it and compare it to the current set to see if we can just add that command.