Additional Lutron Caseta commands

It would be nice if there was a method to brighten or dim lights other than using the sliders. I understand there are .SCENE DIM, .SCENE BRIGHTEN, .DEVICE DIM, .DEVICE BRIGHTEN commands for Insteon lighting - is a comparable possible with Lutron?

Some devices implement these commands slightly differently. In the case of Lutron we don’t need those other commands because the basic .LIGHT ON command takes a brightness parameter. So the single command does the whole job.

Thank you.

Wouldn’t the difference be that you couldn’t have dedicated buttons for making the scene brighter or dimmer? Personally, I use that functionality quite a bit more than using sliders when I’m adjusting my light levels.

The .LIGHT ON command is parameterized. You can specify an exact brightness level as part of a Button, or you can make it part of a Slider.

Thank you.