Additional Room Icons

Could you add some more icons for rooms such as bathroom, game room, patio,garage,pool

Roomie 1.5 does add a Gym and Pool room. We’ll put those others on the list.

I second that request! I’m setting up a multizone system (Niles) and would like to have icons for patio/courtyard, garage, and a “party” room that would be associated with the all-on feature of the Zr6. Actually, the ability to add custom room icons would be even better.

Yes, more room icons. We need patio, deck, porch, party, game, etc.

I suggest, in addition to above:

why not allow us to select from the custom list as we can for activities and buttons? that way we could load our own room icons.

I would like to add garage, bar, man cave and kitchen.

I love this app. Thanks

Hallway & deck would be nice

hey roomie, any updates on this? see my 9/27/12 post on this topic. need a garage icon :slight_smile: thanks!