Agent Management Pack cost?

From the Roomie Remote store via my Mac the Agent Management Pack is ~$20. From the Roomie Remote store via the Roomie Remote App on my iPad the cost is ~$10. Do I have to buy both, (i.e. ~$30) or am I missing something?


Roomie Agent for OS X is $19.95 and sold exclusively (for now) via the Roomie Store on this website at the Store link at the top of this page.

The Agent Management Pack for Roomie is sold inside Roomie as one of the 4 optional in-app purchases such as the Home Theater Pack and Infrared Control Pack. It’s price is $9.95 in the US and of course varies in each country based on currency.

The Agent Management Pack, like all of Roomie’s in-apps, applies to all of the installations of Roomie on your Apple ID.

Roomie Agent is a separate product that manages as many Roomies (even with different Apple IDs) as are on your local network. If those clients don’t have the Agent Management Pack, they still get basic synchronization, but none of the other features of Roomie Agent.

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Please, let me know if I have this correct;

If I only purchase ‘Roomie Agent for OS X’ (RA), I can keep all my Roomie Remotes in sync.

If I purchase ‘Agent Management Pack’ (AMP) and RA, I can get all the features of AMP that are listed in at … -overview/.

If I only purchase AMP, I get nothing. Because, all the features require RA.


Yes, that’s correct. A web page with just the Agent information on it is here as well:

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How finely can I manage the sync feature with the Agent feature?


For example I noticed that 2 remotes are only synced when they are in the same room. Which obviously makes sense and allows users to take the same device to different rooms and control those systems.


But I’d like to be able to link 2 rooms together because I am using 2 “rooms” in the same physical room with the same input stack just connected to 2 display choices. The 2 displays have identical remotes and activities just set up as different rooms.


Can I use the Agent feature to set devices to sync between 2 linked rooms.


How is the synchronization provided by the new add-in different than the WiFi/iCloud synchronization that already exists in Roomie?

We have updated the synchronization and backup FAQ to address that question:

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I read the FAQ and I’m still not getting it. I don’t have the the Agent Management Pack installed but I have all the sync and backup options discussed in the FAQ except for the enhanced synch/backup provided when using Agent Management Pack with Roomie Agent for OS X. I don’t see any extra functionality provided by the Agent Management Pack in the absence of Roomie Agent for OS X.

The Agent Management Pack does nothing without Roomie Agent as described in the app: “provides synchronization and configuration management via Roomie Agent, a separate product.”

Roomie Agent conversely does provide basic synchronization without all clients having the Agent Management Pack, but no other functionality.

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Perfect. That was the clear explanation that I needed to justify dropping another $30 on Roomie.