Agent run Applescript

I’m adding Roomie to my Indigo House. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pull some primary tasks together in one App, i.e. Roomie. While waiting for my iTachs to arrive I’m pondering what I might be able to do with Roomie Agent.

Would I be able to run an AppleScript on the Mac that’s running Roomie Agent?

I.e. assign the AppleScript as an activity to a button and have it executed on the Mac?

i want to do the same thing…i.e. apple script to turn on airplay mirroring to apple tv

This is in Roomie Agent 1.2 which should be live in the next few weeks roughly.

Thank you.

Thank you.


I ended up launching an Apple Script to do it from a button for now, just exported it as an application and launched application from the button command.

I’m interested in the reverse functionality. I want to be able applescript Roomie Agent or it’s equivalent so that my Indigo/Insteon home automation system can turn off TV’s via IP and or IR Roomie commands.

Is their currently any way to accomplish this now?