Any chance we will see airfoil support in the future. It would be nice to have streaming music options other than sonos.

Yes - I too would love to see this feature. It’s cool how I can control iTunes (in fact the whole Roomie Remote is the coolest thing since the iPhone itself), I’m constantly streaming Pandora to my 3 separate Airport Express zones. The only way to do this that I know of is with Airfoil.

Yes, Airfoil would be a great addition to Roomie. It’s a great fit. It let’s you control the volume of individual speakers around your house.

Airfoil would be great to see!!!

Any update to AirFoil addition?




Howdy guys, roomie remote 3 is EPIC one thing that would make it even more epic would be airfoil remote… it has an API … tegration/

any chance?

+1 this would be great if possible