Airplay multi room

Is it possible for Roomie to set itunes airplay to stream audio to more than one airplay devise? I have tried setting a button with multiple airplay set commands but it only sets the last device in the command list.

iTunes does allow multiple audio targets, but not multiple video targets. To use multiple audio targets, the command is .AIRPLAY TOGGLE SET not .AIRPLAY SET. Using the toggle version makes sure not to clear any prior targets assuming all of your targets are audio.

You may also of course just use the Airplay popover from the Media Feedback panel and select whichever audio targets you would like.

Thank you.

But doesnt airplay VIDEO only work on AppleTV? So it is one device anyway? Or did they open it up to 3rd parties?

You could always have many AppleTVs. The distinction is that iTunes limits Airplay video to 1 target and audio to many.

Thank you.

So there is a way to use iTunes and play to different rooms by just picking the other locations? Will it automatically change the source of the other rooms?