Alarm function

Hi there,

i just added some wifi switchable plug switches to handle some lights with Roomie.

There is an activity to control them. Here i added some alarms to get switches time controlled. Example: 9 am/11 pm - switch off/on lights. Fine, so far.

iPad is unlocked and Roomie is running with no active activity, but alarms doesn’t work. If alarm time is reached, nothing happens. After opening the activiy where i defined the alarm they are running.

Is there a special way to get alarms running without an active activity?

Thanks in advance.

Alarms are associated with a Remote Design. The Remote Design must be open in order for it execute. This has various advantages, for instance that means they synchronize between all your devices and will execute on any of your devices.

A common way to do that would be to add the Alarms to a Remote Design associated with a System Off Activity. While System Off by default doesn’t open an Activity, it does if you set one. An Activity with Time/Date/Alarms is a typical choice for that.

Thank you.

Fantastic, it works with the power off activity.

Thank you.