Alarm system integration

Are there plans to integrate with ring alarm or other systems?

If something had an API and seemed worthwhile, I’m happy to look at it. Alarm systems often don’t want to integrate with anything. Ring Alarm was completely against integration. I think lately they’re allowing certain specific Z-Wave integrations, but still mostly closed. Nest is now genuinely closed across the board in a forget about it kind of way.

If I had to recommend a system to someone, I would go with SmartThings. Almost entirely open, high quality API, endlessly customizable, and we integrate well with it right now. Similar things can be done with Vera, and to a much more difficult extent ISY. All reasonable choices. Ring and Nest alarm systems are pretty, but the details don’t make sense right now, very first gen.

Since I am invested in ISY and Insteon, I have been looking at Elk Products M1 since it supposedly integrates with the ISY. System looks complete and pretty open to integration though I am unclear if you can directly interact via RS232 and send commands or if you are locked into their programming software. @Will_Price , Do you have any familiarity with Elk?

Looking more at what is here the house is extensively wired for door/window/motion, and found this Konnected system that takes hard wired sensors and ties to SmartThings and others. I’ll report back after I get it hooked up.