Alexa - not linking Skill

I have been trying to link my Simple Control account to the Alexa skill. My simple control iphone clients is synced to Simple Sync application on the Mac. All the settings are consistent with the documentation. The linking seems to be accepted in the Alexa app.

However, when I issue a voice command, Alexa informs me that I need to link my simple control account via the Alexa app. (I have tried to disable and enable this link however Alexa keeps telling me that the app needs to be linked).

What am I doing wrong

Normally we don’t moderate up common support questions like this as we handle them very quickly in support without filling up the forums with the same question multiple times. In this case, I think it’s worth a reminder in the forum as the Echo support is quite popular.

First, the answer to the question is, 95% of the time, you’re not signed in to Simple Control with an account licensed for Simple Sync with Simple Service. The other 5% of the time, the user simply forgot to enable “Allow Remote Access” in Settings under Simple Sync. Linking with Alexa is an important step, but using “Sign In” from Simple Control and then (or in reverse order works fine too) pairing with Simple Sync is equally critical. Then make sure to Allow Remote Access.

For further reference, the Simple Sync User’s Guide and Echo Integration Guide covers these topics in precise detail. The latest versions of those documents are always kept here: … up-guides/

These kinds of simple questions are usually filtered directly to support so they don’t clutter the forums. We can tell you with a diagnostic what the issue is in your case in seconds looking at that.

Thank you.