Allow buttons to have a background color

I setup alot of remote page with buttons for 2 devices added at the botton, so I add things like:

TV Source
TV Smarthub
Receiver TV ARC
System off
etc, etc

I would love a way to give a button a background color, so I can set dark grey as TV and light grey, as Receiver and something like light yellow for the system buttons. buttons.

It would let me leave the peripheral name off and make for a brighter screen

Any chance of this?

The DDK provides full button positioning.

Then inside the app, configuration of Remote Designs allows setting images for buttons and background images.

The combination of these features should allow the same effect even if the explicit setting to give a button a background color does not technically exist.

Thank you.

In the app…

So I can set images that are just colors and apply them to buttons as background images? So just upload my colors I want into the custom image resource, and use then that way. That would work for me!

After looking through the docs, I find the background image will not work for button color very well. I would need to set the image as well as place every button for the control. I am constantly moving buttons and adding buttons to my remote, and this would make any button addition using normal means moot and impossible to do.

Do you think, it might be possible, to allow a user to set a background image PER BUTTON or maybe just set a color of a button using the normal control creation methods oh the app itself?

Is it possible to make the image you can put on a button a bit bigger? I can make images for buttons with a background

The DDK is what you want if you want that level of control. With the DDK you can do almost anything you want using Mapped Remotes.

Thank you.