Allow Custom Remote Designs to be shown as Manual Remotes

Allow Custom Remote Designs to be shown as Manual Remotes.

For example, The IR database has the omnimount motorized wall mount codes, (and for some reason my WF2IR is not learning the commands). When I select the Omnimount Motorized Wall Mounts from the IR database the buttons are collapsed, and therefore I cannot hold down the cursor arrows to pan/tilt the tv. I had to create an Activity to be able to create a custom designed remote for the omnimount. The buttons were then set to repeat when touched and now it works just like the original remote. The problem now is when I want to move the tv I have to click the Omnimount activity to be able to use the custom designed remote, and if the activity I was on had an OFF command sent when switching activities things start to get messy.

We have a solution for this in the next release called Popup Activities that will accomplish the same goal, but Manual Remotes as a feature are unrelated.

Plus 1 for custom designs as manual remotes.

+1 for custom designs, as manual remotes, here also.

+5 for customer designs as manual remotes

No need to plus this any further as it’s already in 1.8 as Popup Activities.