Allow Dropbox backup when "shared" is hub pairing status

I rely on using backup to Dropbox to keep multiple configurations and switch between them for testing. Especially when “two steps forward, one step back” experimenting with configuration and control of finicky devices.

I installed a Simple Hub and the only iPad that was running got itself into a “shared” status instead of just a “paired” status.

The “paired” status does not allow backing up to Dropbox and the Simple Service backup doesn’t save multiple versions.

Enhancement request #1: Allow “shared” status paired devices to backup to Dropbox.

This is also valuable when using Multi-home remote access to manage another installation. Again, need to be able to do multiple backup/restores for remote configuration changes and troubleshooting. If needed, add an extra level of authentication or setting “allow remote admins to backup/restore” or similar, if needed for security restrictions.

Enhancement request #2: Allow backups/restores via Simple Service to support multiple configurations with date/time stamp. Restore should default to the last saved configuration, but provide option to override and manually select a specific configuration.

I think there is a typo in your message. When you said “The “paired” status does not allow backing up to Dropbox”, I think you mean the “shared” status does not.

The paired status does allow Dropbox.

Shared is the state where you have (usually temporarily) switched to a configuration shared with you.

Dropbox is disabled in that state because, in general, you’re not using your configuration which means backing up to Dropbox would nuke your configuration already stored there. It’s a safety measure.

Meanwhile, if you’re on the local network with the Hub, you can always switch from Shared to Paired. Just open the Hub settings and pair. That will enable Dropbox.

Part 2 of your message is a feature we are hoping to add.

Thank you.

Yes, thanks for the correction.

However, I ran into a strange state this past weekend onsite with a client. They were running a single iPad without any hub and I installed a Simple Hub (hardware).

The iPad ended up in a “shared” state. Whenever I unpaired it, the entire configuration was wiped out. While it was unpaired, I could restore it from Dropbox, but then as soon as I paired, it went back to “shared” state.

I didn’t want to lose the configuration, so I was hesitant to pair/unpair at random. That is why I wanted to be able to make changes to the configuration when in “shared” state, but still be able to backup to Dropbox and shuffle files around on the web to keep multiple backup versions to be able to rollback/rollforward.