Allow guides to be combines or easily selectable

We are new to roomie and have an issue with using the DirecTV Guide in rookie. Our receivers have the Over The Air channels imbedded in the DirecTV guide. We use then quite a lot. However, roomie only will display either the Pacific guide, or the local channel guide. It takes a lot to switch between (you have to reconfigure) them (wife hates it) and so it’s not usable for us. We would appreciate being able to combine the two so we see the same thing as we do on the DirecTV receiver. Or, if that is impossible for now, have an easy was to switch between them for now. Thanks!

Let’s distinguish two scenarios:

• DirecTV with Local Channels: DirecTV service areas have a local channel listings provider and a national-only listings provider. The former is a combined guide with both local channels and DirecTV national channels. So that merged guide functionality is already standard if you select the correct provider after entering your zip code.

• DirecTV with completely separate Antenna stations not provided by DirecTV: If instead you have an actual Antenna and do not tune your local stations via DirecTV, you will need two separate guides. The best way to handle that is not to reconfigure the guide, but rather to have a Watch Antenna Activity and a Watch DirecTV Activity. Each Activity is then associated with the correct guide.

Thank you.

I am thinking i was not clear on this problem… We have the ota antenna connected to the dtv receiver. and get many additional channels and we tune them with directv. The directv guide has them imbedded/mixed with the normal sat channels. It would be much more convenient to have roomie do the same. When looking for something it’s a pain to switch activities and mentally combine them. For now the dtv guide is much better. Please keep this request in mind for a future upgrade. It would make the guide usable for us and everyone else in the same position. Thanks.


I have a similar application where my Tivo uses both Comcast and OTA channels. Since this device tunes and displays guide info for both of these sources, it makes sense that both of these guides could also be combined in a single Roomie activity.