Allow more than 5 remotes to talk together

I’d like to allow 8 ipod/ip[ads/iphones to have the app installed. I know there is a limit of 5 per license.

What I’d like to do is have 8 on 2 subscriptions and your software somehow ‘links’ them all to work together for updates, wifi sync, etc.

I do not mind paying multiple times but as it sits now, it cannot be done.




Apple’s limitations are related to using apps from your Apple ID on devices not linked to your Apple ID. At some point you will definitely run into limits there. Apple’s system is designed to allow you to put your app on your wife’s phone and to prevent putting your app on many people’s phones. We’re not sure what those limits are, but anyway within the context of your own iOS devices nobody ever runs into that.

Thank you.


The apple latest is 5 computers and 10 total devices can be linked to an Apple ID. My question was 5-8, so I am covered :slight_smile:

My acct has my iphone, ipod, 2 ipads, and my wifes iphone has her acct, but uses stuff from mine, which counts against my total.

I plan on adding 2 mini-ipads, one for den and one for bdrm, dedicated (mostly) to Roomie. I find mini-ipad size is perfect, ipad is too big for a remote.