Amazon Echo in the UK

Does the simple control skill exist on the UK version of the amazon echo?

A search does not return it!

I checked our skill configuration and all countries are turned on. Perhaps because the UK is new, not everything is in place. If you continue not to see it, please report the issue to Amazon in your area.

Thank you.

I’ve contacted them and received a standardish response thanking me for my feedback and that they will pass on my comments to the relevant department for consideration in future updates. Hopefully if enough people ask about it they will speed things up.

We believe this is now resolved, but it usually takes some weeks for Amazon to review any changes. After that, we expect the skill will then be available in the UK.

Thank you.

Great news, will keep an eye out.

Still nothing appeared as yet, any news from your end?

Amazon’s review process is a black box. We have no information on it. As Amazon didn’t provide a heads up that the UK was going live, all we can do is work within the process that exists once the process did indeed exist which is only days ago. We have a working US skill. Making that live on the UK store is something that Amazon is entirely in control as far as speed goes. It is just waiting for them to green light and has been for a while now. We will not have further information on this until it is in fact live in the UK which could be 5 minutes or a month from now.

Thank you.

No problem,

Thanks for the info, will keep on checking.

The skill is now available.

Any chance we can get UK channel names added to the list Alexa is listening out for? BBC1, ITV1 etc seem to confuse her every time… :smiley:

Good point. We need a list, ideally in order of popularity, of common UK channel names. It can be easily added with that.

Thank you.

List as below. Sorry to all my UK friends if I miss your favourite off the list - please feel free to chip in! Note that in many cases the same channel has an HD version with a different channel number to the SD version. I’ve listed the HD names where possible.

Channel 4 HD
5 HD
Sky 1 HD
Sky Atlantic HD
Sky Sports 1 HD
BT Sport 1 HD

These have been submitted. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for them to process.

Note that to be usable, the channel names don’t end with “HD”. So if you want to tune “BBC1”, just say “BBC 1”. As long as you have anything resembling “BBC1” or “BBC 1” or “BBC1 HD” or anything like that, it will work fine.

Something like “Channel 4” and “5” may be best stated as a channel number.

Thank you.

Wow! That was speedy! I’ll look forward to trying them out.

The new channel names should now be live in the UK.

Thank you.