Amazon Echo Plus with Hub (Late 2017)

Will this work with Simple Control 4.5.x ? Does the inclusion of the Hub change Alexa support in any significant way?

Well, it looks like the new Amazon Echo Plus (with Hub) has been added to the master Simple Control Device Compatibility list, so I guess we are good.

It will be interesting to see what the programming of the Hub itself is like.

My experience with Simple Control v4.5.x, the normal Echo Dot, and the Smart Home skill was not encouraging. Seems the “Discovery” process is easily derailed and blocked by certain Simple Control Devices being setup and present. I’m currently now just using the Custom Skill.

I have no idea what their Hub does inside the Echo+. As far as an Alexa device, it is certainly compatible just as all Alexa devices are. It looks like they also put some kind of Zigbee stuff in there which will pan out over time as to whether that is in any way controllable by external systems. You should definitely assume not.

Bad devices can cause Smart Home discovery to fail. Support can easily work out which devices those are if it is not apparent to you. I wouldn’t let that stop you from using that skill as it’s most certainly the best way to use voice control right now.

Thanks for that info. I need a local Hub. Since Alexa is working nicely, I thought this might work instead of a Vera, SmartThings, or Wink. Since I’m just starting, I would just buy compatible pieces (Zigbee, WiFi, etc.)

Yes, Support helped. For other’s interested, the procedure is:

  • Backup current config to DropBox
  • Delete a Simple Control device
  • See if Alexa Smart Home Skill Discovery works now (or does it still find zero devices)
  • Keep deleting Devices until it works
    The last one is the offending Device

For me it was Kodi (on Windows-10 Computer). I can’t really do without it.

Restore config back from DropBox when finished.

Amazon Echo Plus is next generation of the smart device so, it has a lot of inbuilt features. It has buit-in smart hub features which allow direct set up for lights, locks, gates, and in-wall switches from brands like Philips Hue, GE, and Yale.

Now that it’s released, early reviews of actual shipping confirm your statements back them. It’s not the full-featured Hub I was hoping for.

Let me ask you this …

  1. If I was still buy one for the enhanced speaker hardware and to just have a second mic in another room … If I didn’t config it’s Hub … would Alexa still work with Simple-Control the way it does now? I’m currently just using the Simple-Control Custom (non Smart-Home) Skill.

  2. If I was to introduce a “real” Hub into my system (like a Wink-2, Vera-Plus, or even a SmartThings-v2) would the Hub in the Echo-Plus cause any problems or change functionality?

I read the Echo-Plus can turn them on/off but not change the color.

It’s probably a great device as an Alexa. The Hub is likely pointless. Just ignore it. It’s for people who don’t have anything and just want to add their first Hue light to dip their toe in home control. There is basically no overlay between that market and Simple Control. Get a real Hub if you want one, like SmartThings.

No, Tesla …It can change the color of light You can see here

Pretty cool and nice install in that kitchen.

But this is not using Echo Plus Hub because it wasn’t even released back then.

I don’t have one yet. My opinion is based on this review:

Echo Plus is the advanced version of previous Echo. It is compatible with more smart devices. We can do more fun things with this device. What should you say about “Amazon Echo Look” Amazon latest smart device?