Amazon Echo

Please add support for Amazon Echo. It is a great product, and I should be able to turn on my devices with this connected to Roomie.

I agree - I have this on order and it would be sweet if we could control roomie devices through the Echo.


Thank you.

Even if this was a top priority, I believe we’ll have to wait until Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is available from Amazon, which is still in “coming soon” status: … ce-service

There are existing hacks to use Roomie with existing voice features using Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). Youtube has a number of examples using TODO functionality to trigger roomie tasks if you’d like to having something to play with sooner rather than later.

Just got an Echo in today, and I’m unsure, but it might be possible to get ASK to trigger IFTTT events back to Roomie Agent, if you’re already running that. The folks hacking things with TODO are (I’m speculating) most likely running their own proxy in a similar fashion.

Just signed up for an AWS account for the same email that I use for Echo. Will post updates to this thread if I have any luck beyond what’s being tried currently, though given that early-adopters haven’t had much luck beyond that, my expectations are tempered.

I got it working! I can now control Roomie from my Amazon Echo with my SmartThings (which Roomie has natively supported for almost a year now) as a bridge between the two. You just create a virtual switch. Name it something like “Living Room TV”. Once you have that, setup a Roomie Trigger to run an activity when it turns on and off. For running an activity like “Netflix”, I would suggest having a Roomie Toggle State activity setup and instead of creating a virtual switch, select a “Momentary Button Tile” instead so that Alexa doesn’t get confused about on/off. That way, you can say to Alexa “Alexa, turn on the Living Room Netflix” and you won’t have a problem next time you say that (The Roomie Trigger only is notified of on/off, so if Alexa turns a device on the next time you try to turn it on, Roomie won’t actually trigger anything.) I’ve thought about having Roomie set the switch to On/Off whenever the device turns on/off, but the problem with that is it could cause a loop. I’m thinking about writing a custom device type to get around this problem.


Anyway, once you have your virtual switch setup and a Roomie Trigger setup, modify your existing Amazon Echo app to give access to the new switch. Finally, ask Alexa to search for connected home devices. Now you should be able to say “Alexa, turn on the living room TV” and your TV will magically turn on :slight_smile:

Very impressive.

We are hoping to integrate direct control via Amazon Echo. Shouldn’t be too far away.

Do let us know if you’re interested in a job, :wink:

Thank you.

This would take my HA to the next level.

I followed Robbie’s suggestion and it works very well. Super clever. Thanks for the tip.

Plus one for the echo working with roomie directly, beyond ps4 support from roomie an echo is my only other feature request. Then roomie will be complete for me.

Agreed! Please add Echo support like you demoed at CEDIA this year!