Amazon fire cube question

Hi folks,

I recently added an Amazon Fire Cube to one of my rooms for several reasons (mainly wired port). It has the added bonus of having an IR emitter built in and a port to add extended emitters inside cabinets. I have a few questions to see if someone else already knows this.

  1. Has anyone gotten other IR emitters to work? I have a pile of Xantech/Speaker craft bits around that I would be happy to repurpose. The Zon’s $19 price for an extender does not break the bank but I figured I would ask the community.
  2. Once the Cube is in the mode to send out the commands locally, and not via the IR remote, will IP based commands do the same thing? Is it possible to address a specific device being controlled by the cube? e.g. Say I want to start up music mode, and the Cube has my Marantz as part of the system, could I send a command to turn just the Marantz on and set an input via RR using IP?

Thank you community,